Pool Equipment Installation

Pool & Pool Equipment Installations

Pool Equipment Installation

Salt Systems

Salt Systems use salt to create the chlorine that disinfects and halts algae growth. The benefits include less eye irritation, no yellow hair, soft skin, and no chlorine odor.

Heat Pump

Enjoy the use of your pool year round by installing an energy efficient heat pump!

LED Pool/Spa Lights

Turn your pool or spa into a colorful water wonderland with a LED light. These lights have seven different colors and five light shows. What a difference they make in your pool at night.

Basic Pool Repairs

We repair and replace all types of general pool items from O-rings, skimmer baskets, chlorinators, filter cartridges, pump baskets, ladder rungs, and more.

Pool Vacuums

We repair all types of pool vacuums with name brand replacement parts. We will also deliver and install any type new vacuum to replace a worn out vacuum or if you just want to have the floor cleaned for you everyday.

Commercial Pool Equipment

We service or replace parts to worn out CAT control systems or install an entirely new system if necessary. DE grids are easily replaced to ensure the DE stays in the tank and not in the pool. All commercial pool equipment is repaired in house unless covered by warranty.

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