Pool Repair, Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement

Pool Repairs & Pool Equipment Replacement & Repair

Pool Repairs

Pool Pump Motor Replacement

Whether your pool pump is making a strange noise or it’s just extremely loud, it may be time to replace it’s motor. Give us a call to have it evaluated.

Pool Pump Replacement

The pump draws water from the pool, forces it through a filter and circulates clean water throughout the pool. If this is no longer happening, it may be time for Cobalt Pool Service to install a new pool pump.

Filter Replacement

A good filtration system is the key to healthy, clean, & sparkling water in the pool. If the overall flow rate of the swimming pool circulation drops, it’s probably time for a new filter as the average life span of a pleated filter is one to two years.

Green Pool Clean Up

Turn your pool from green to blue in no time flat, regardless of how long it’s been neglected. Debris and dead algae are removed from the pool and all chemicals are restored to proper Department of Health Standards.

Pool Stain Removal

If you pool is stained we have a stain removal process that can be done without having to drain your pool.

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